CF Serverless done right.

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Hot Topic

CF Serverless done right.

What is this?

PaaS is about just pushing code. Serverless is about just pushing functions. Really they’re both about abstractions to let you write stateless pieces of code that a platform can manage, scale and orchestrate for you. Apps are just stateless containers triggered by routes and scaled by cf scale. Functions are the same thing, but triggered by events in a shared message queue and being auto-scaled by message queue length. Hot Topic is a proof of concept that uses a cf map-event command, similar to cf map-route to make FaaS and PaaS work together in a really nice, simple and orthogonal way.


Just cf push. Use ‘cf map-route’ if you want a web app. Use ‘cf map-event’ for functions. Same log streaming, packaging, orchestration, workflow, same way to bind services, all fully integrated, simple and consistent.